Jesus Being Baptized By John


People often ask about the meaning of being baptized, or wonder how it is done. We hope this video will give some insight into the purpose and how it is done. Most newborns are baptized within the 6 month to 1 year old range. In the Catholic religion babies are not fully submerged in water as the priet utilizes a small bowl of blessed or holy water to pour on the childs forehead, symbolizing the baby being cleansed or purged of sin. Please watch the video for more details regarding baptism’s or christenings and look for a more detailed article later on. As always, should you have any questions or comments hit us up via the contact us page and we will do our best to respond to you asap!

May Update

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may birthstone rosary

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Great Baptism Gift Ideas

What is the Best Gift to Buy for Baptism?

A christening or a baptism is one of the joyful and formal ceremonies shared by family or close friends in terms of religious situations. Make the sacred event more exciting and joyful with baptism gifts. Giving gift for baptism is vital, as it makes the ceremony more memorable and fun.

Apart from that, a good baptism gift can be the big part in the life of your loved one. If you are invited to a christening or baptism of a family member or close friends, it’s usually the time to give a christening gift.

When it comes in giving a baptism gift, make sure that it is appropriate. It may be difficult to decide what is the best gift to give, especially if it’s your first time to attend a baptism.

Well, whether it’s your son’s baptism or you received a baptism invitation from your friends, you don’t have to worry, especially if you’re wondering what is the best gift to give. Stop stressing yourself of thinking what is the best christening gift to give. Take a look at these great gifts and make that religious event more wonderful and thoughtful!

  • Scalloped Pendant

This can be one of the best ideas that you can opt for when you’re wondering what is the best baptism gifts that you can give. Gifting a scalloped pendant or any other items with the scalloped motif to the newly-baptized baby can be the most appropriate one for that special occasion. It can also be one of the most thoughtful baptism gifts, as it symbolizes Holy Trinity and Holy Spirit.

  • Dove or Cross Shaped Earrings

Another best baptism gift that you can give, especially for girls is the simple pair of earrings. But, don’t pick any kind of earring. Keep in mind the religious feature by having dove shaped, cross shaped or scalloped shell-shaped earrings. Or, you can even add a set of cute praying hands.

  • Baby Jewelry

baby crib medal

Perhaps, for some, this kind of baptism gift is an expensive option. However, not all baby jewelry is expensive. Besides, when you buy a baby jewelry as your baptism gift, it doesn’t need to be very expensive. As there are multiple choices in the jewelry stores, you can pick the cutest style or design, which you think right for the baptized baby.

  • A Child’s Rosary

baby baptism rosaryRosary is one of the best gifts that you can give for baptism. Most of the Catholic people use a rosary as their weapon or tool to fight evils or bad spirits. Although children or infant is too young in using the rosary, it’s still important, for the safety and daily protection.

You might also choose the wooden rosary with larger beads. A rosary can help the child to learn even at the young age, that rosary is not a figure or toy to play with.

  • Baby Bracelets with Miraculous Charm

Most people choose bracelets as a gift for a baptized baby. In fact, it is one of the most popular christening gifts options, because a baby can often wear it to keep safe. Aside from that, baby bracelets are usually made from pearls or silver beads that bring miraculous charm for the baby.

Do It Yourself Baptism Gifts

If you’re creative and like to make your own gifts, then consider watching this video for ideas on creating your own baptism gifts!